Useful Documents for 2024


Timings for 2024

Racing starts at 09:00 and end at 17:45

Dorney will open the gates at 06:30. Please see the note below about trailers needing to arrive earlier.

Car Parking

Car parking for spectators, families etc is £10 per car. 

Progression System for 2024

For each event, all crews will race against the clock in the heats, then the fastest 6 crews overall will race in the final. The lanes will be seeded so that the fastest crews get the better lanes. Events with 6 or fewer crews will be raced as straight finals.

The times for all crews, along with the draw for the final, will be available on-line at

This means that all competitors, crews and coaches need to note that all crews need to race to the line as there might be faster crews in the other heats. Do not slow down just because you are in the lead!

Trailers arriving early

It you wish to bring a trailer early, then you need to organise this with me BEFORE SATURDAY!! Trailers arriving on Saturday can only arrive between 17:00 and 18:00, when I will be on site. Please call me on 07767 345882 to organise this.

Stake Boats

We will be using a start pontoon at 750m. There is a very useful document for crews about getting attached.

We have a slight shortage of stake boat volunteers. If you have athletes (or non-athletes) who would like to stake-boat, then please email me and I will give you a time slot. In previous years, the rowers have really enjoyed this, to the extent that we have almost had to forced them off to allow others on!