Original Ball Cup Events (Boys 4+ and Girls 4+)


These use the strict criteria that they are only for schools and clubs with less than 40 total junior membership.  There is no limit on the ability of the rowers. The school or club can put their best rowers in the crew.

All Other Events

To promote the growth of rowing in school, a larger club (ie more than 40 members) can put in school based crews providing that the school crews are trained as a unit and not as part of a larger group. 

For Example: If School A only trains on a Monday and School B only trains on a Tuesday and are entered as School A and School B then they can race. If members of the club squad happen to be all members of School C and normally in “mixed-school” crews and the club is greater than 40, then they are ineligible.

The Entry Criteria below also needs to be satisfied.