The purpose of the Ball Cup Regatta is to allow the schools and clubs which cannot semi-final or final at national events to compete against each other on a multilane course. In these criteria clubs refer to both schools boat clubs and general rowing clubs, unless a distinction needs to be made.

The overriding aim of the Ball Cup is to give small and emerging clubs and their emerging competitors a chance to experience true competition and the chance to win.


The Ball Club (South) is a British Rowing Affiliated event. This means that the event follows the British Rowing Guide for Safe Rowing, Rowsafe, and the British Rowing Rules of Racing, however the entry criteria is slightly different.

The original “40 seat” condition was when there were only schools and clubs rowing. With the successful growth of schools rowing in clubs, the “40 seat” limit has to be applied in a slightly different way with clubs.

However the entry ethic is quite clear: Large clubs should not enter, and clubs that meet the size criteria, compete and do well at National Events would not be expected to enter their higher ability competitors.